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Brake lights
- Apr 27, 2018 -

General installation in the vehicle tail, brake light body color to red light, increase light penetrability, running vehicles behind so that even in the case of low visibility, easy to find in front of the vehicle braking, prevent the purpose of the crash. Simple models is power through insurance, and then to the parking brake switch, brake on the brake pedal, switch unicom, electricity was sent to two brake lights and a high brake lights, through negative line form circuit connected to the body.

As the name suggests, brake lights are lights that light up when a vehicle brakes. It is usually red, which serves as a warning to vehicles behind; In addition, brake lights can effectively prevent the occurrence of vehicle rear-end events and reduce traffic accidents.

The brake light is stronger and more obvious, which is mainly used to remind the vehicles behind to slow down or stop. If the brake lamp USES errors or problems, it is easy to cause a crash. In addition, change the brake light bulb to pay attention: the rear lights of the vehicles produced in our country are usually "one bubble two", the bulb has two light wires, the weaker is the small lamp, the stronger is the brake light. Some manufacturers design it to high and low foot insertion, it is very convenient to use. Always be careful not to answer when changing.

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