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Common failures and solutions for LED lights.
- Apr 13, 2018 -

LED lights can be seen everywhere in life. LED lights have been on fire for many years because of their brightness, low energy consumption and long life. But what about LED lights that don't light, turn dark, turn off the lights, and so on?

一、 What if the LED light doesn't work?

1. Confirmation circuit: the newly installed electric lamp should be measured with the electric pen to check whether there is any voltage in the circuit.

2. Actuator problem: the electric light is not bright, ten to one is the drive problem. If the light behind the lamp is not bright, the new drive should be purchased for replacement.

PS: light-emitting diode requires high current and voltage, so it needs constant current drive and rectifier, voltage reducing device and other devices in the drive.

二、What about the dimming of LED lights?

The problem is likely to come from the lamp, each string of beads in series, in parallel with the string. So a light bulb burning will cause this string of beads to fail.

How do you identify a burnt lamp? From the outside, the burnt light beads in the middle position have a black and indelible dot.

How? Burn the lamp bead if not much, can burn the two welding feet behind the lamp bead with electric soldering iron welding together. If too much, you need to buy new lamp beads.

三、What about LED lights flashing?

1. Check whether the zero line and fire line are reversed. First, the color of the switch is red. If it is not necessary to consider the switch, it may control the zero line and replace it in time.

Observe the flashing lights. If there are multiple electric lights in the room and belong to the same circuit, it is necessary to consider the zero line and fire line in the distribution box. Be sure to mark up after adjustment for future maintenance.

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