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Common problems and inspection of LED daytime running lights.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

LED day light is a daytime running light that is mounted on the front of the body. Because it USES LED light source, it is called LED day light. Its main role is not to make the driver can see the road, but during the day, driving the line of sight environment in poor condition to improve the vehicle's been sex, let the pedestrians and vehicles as well as between the car and the car can be better earlier detection and recognition, the prevention of accidents in advance, to ensure the safety of driving.

1. The LED day lamp cannot be opened, and the following items should be checked:

1) check whether the power supply voltage on the output of the ignition switch is normal (10V~30V).

2) check whether the wiring harness of LED day line is installed correctly. (the red line is connected with ACC, the black wire is connected to the cathode, the yellow line is positive, and the white line is connected with the headlamp)

3) when the red line is suspended (not connected), restart the ignition switch of the car and check whether the LED day light is always bright. If it is always bright, the white line is wrong, and the gray line is rechecked to see if it is correctly connected to the output end of the near light.

4) after the above inspection is correct, the black line will be connected to the negative terminal of the car battery, the yellow wire will be connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the white line will be suspended to check whether the driving lights are normally lighted during the day. LED daily light can be lit, then re-check the installation line (refer to the installation of the reference line). The LED day light can not be lit, and the wiring harness or LED day lamp should be replaced.

2. LED daily light is always on.

If the ignition switch is not turned on, the LED day light will be turned on and should be checked as follows: check whether the red line of the wiring harness is connected to the right (the red line of the harness is connected to the output end of the ignition switch).

3. Turn on the near light switch, and the LED day lamp cannot be closed.

1) when the near light is switched on and the near light is not on, the LED sun lamp cannot be closed. Use the multimeter to check whether the output terminal of the near light switch has 10~30V power supply voltage output. Voltage output and normal, must be re - wiring and secure, no voltage output, should check the near - light switch and the near - light lamp supply circuit is normal.

2) the near light is turned on and is always bright. The LED sun lamp cannot be turned off to take off the black line, and the yellow line is connected to the positive pole of the car battery, and check whether the LED day light is closed. LED daily light can be closed, but the yellow line is not securely reconnected; The LED day line lamp cannot be closed, and the LED lamp will be replaced.

Dipped headlight switch after 3) opened, line, one of the LED light can't change cannot be shut down in the daytime running lights, xenon open switch, check whether LED day after line lamp replacement normally closed, can't shut down, to replace the wiring harness.

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