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Flashing light emitting diodes
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Flashing light-emitting diode (BTS) 

is a CMOS integrated circuit and light-emitting diode composed of special light-emitting devices, can be used for alarm instructions and undervoltage, overpressure instructions.

Flashing light-emitting diodes in use 

no need to add other components, as long as the pin at both ends with the appropriate DC operating voltage (5V) to flash light.

Voltage controlled light emitting diodes

Ordinary light-emitting diodes are current-controlled devices, in use when the need to connect the appropriate resistance of the current limiting resistor. Voltage Controlled Light Emitting Diode (BTV) is a combination of light-emitting diodes and current limiting resistors, which can be directly connected to both ends of the power supply. Make ordinary red light emitting diodes

Voltage can work at 

3 volts -10 volts such as YX503URC, YX304URC, YX503BRC voltage LED light-emitting diodes, engineering engineers to provide a greater choice.

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