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High brightness monochrome light emitting diodes
- Jul 31, 2017 -

High brightness monochrome light emitting diodes

High-brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes and ultra-high brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes used in semiconductor materials and ordinary monochrome light-emitting diodes, so the intensity of light is also different.

In general

high-brightness monochromatic light-emitting diodes use gallium arsenide (GaAlAs) and other materials, ultra-high brightness monochrome light-emitting diode using phosphorus indium gallium arsenide (GaAsInP) and other materials, and ordinary monochromatic light-emitting diodes using gallium phosphide (GaP ) Or gallium arsenide (GaAsP) and other materials.

Discolored light emitting diodes

The variable-color light-emitting diode is a light-emitting diode capable of transforming the light-emitting color. Color-emitting diodes Light-emitting color types can be divided into two-color light-emitting diodes, three-color light-emitting diodes and multi-color (red, blue, green, white four colors) light-emitting diodes.

Discoloration LED according to the number of pins can be divided into two-terminal color light-emitting diodes, three-terminal color light-emitting diodes, four-terminal color light-emitting diodes and six-terminal color light-emitting diodes.

Commonly used two-color light-emitting diode 2EF series and TB series, commonly used three-color light-emitting diodes have 2EF302, 2EF312, 2EF322 and other models.

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