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How do you fix the LED lights?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

    LED light is not bright, mainly for two reasons: one is the problem of light source, the other is power supply problem. At present the LED light source is made up of LED lamp bead, first turn on the power disconnect in the home, open the lamp shade, with a multimeter to measure whether the LED light source is broken (light bead are generally connected in series), to pay attention to the voltage range of the light source, when buy to buy the same voltage source of light.

    If the multimeter is detected light source is no problem, then to see whether the power supply problem, LED ceiling lamp is commonly adopt the method of external power supply, then directly buy a power supply to replace is ok, some LED lights manufacturer USES the power supply is not good, the power supply is the most easy to a part of the problem.

    How to detect: 1. Before turning on the LED lamp, measure the voltage of the power supply and the current flowing through the LED.

2. Then take it apart and check all the key parts: the drive or power, the LED lamp bead, and all the broken lamp beads are replaced.  

3. Find out the cause of the damage of LED lamp beads. If overcurrent, the drive current will be reduced immediately. Check whether the drive is faulty or not, and find out the cause, repair, and replacement. If the led lamp is damaged more, and the damaged led patch lamp is concentrated in the same area, the damaged part can be cut and resoldered.

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