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How to Maintain the Lights
- Feb 06, 2018 -

The inspection and maintenance of external lighting is not so simple, preferably by specialized personnel to deal with, not as simple as the surface looks like, some minor problems may be hidden huge harm, if not thoroughly investigated, it may cause Unimaginable consequences. So we remind you to pay attention to safety at night.


Car headlamps for driving vehicles provide a good forward lighting, it is very important to be regularly inspected, on time maintenance, timely replacement, even a little bit of cracks can not sit idly by, many people think that as long as the lighting does not affect the But they do not know if the moisture inside the lamp through the cracks, it will reduce the life of the lamp, the car will have an impact. In addition to ensuring the good state of the headlamps, the other lights have to be carefully inspected and maintained in time to ensure the safety of the car.

The following are several aspects of vehicle maintenance-

1, wipe the surface of the headlight with a soft cloth dirt, debris, debris and so on.

2, with soap and water every three months to clean the headlights, which is to prevent the accumulation of dirt, etc., to avoid headlights yellowing.

3, After cleaning, polish the headlamps, wipe the headlamps with chemically synthesized polishing agents and wax the headlights according to the procedure.

4, when not car, park your car in the garage or shade. Will help to reduce the headlight was UV caused by oxidation.

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