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How to Choose LED Diode?
- Sep 01, 2017 -

First, look at the brightness is usually what you said you can achieve how much LM (lumens), LM (lumens) is a measure of the brightness of the lamp unit.


Second, to see whether the uniform color is uniform, the quality of the light beads are very uniform light, consistent color.


Third, look at the chip and chip size, the chip is the quality of the lamp beads determine the factors. Chip is the size of the general mil as a measure of the size of the chip size of the unit, under normal circumstances the greater the stability of the chip, the higher the brightness, the better the heat. Lamp beads life and the length of heat and have a great relationship.


Fourth, look at the glue and phosphor, the general good products will use imported glue, the package is good light beads by hand without deformation, low quality glue will be a deformation or even cracking and so on.


Fifth, to see the bracket, the general situation for the silver-plated copper bracket bracket, silver plated copper bracket is the advantage of fast heat, you can better to the lamp beads heat, small resistance.


Sixth, can do vulcanization experiments, a good lamp beads do vulcanization experiments when the lamp beads is not vulcanized.


At last, look at the packaging process, good quality LED lamp beads uniform color, colloidal consistency is good.

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