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Key features of LED car lights
- Jun 04, 2018 -

1. Reliability and service life

Leds are expected to last 50,000 hours, compared with 20,000 hours for halogen tungsten and 3,000 for incandescent bulbs. Compared with incandescent lamp, LED structure is strong, not easy to be affected by vibration, and the output brightness of light will not be significantly decreased during use. Lighting solutions based on multiple leds also have the advantage of "redundancy", allowing lighting to continue even if one LED fails.

The correct use of LED(especially the correct control of LED temperature) can effectively extend the expected life of LED. On the contrary, if the temperature is too high, the LED will be easily damaged. The application of LED in automobile lighting also involves many legal definition problems. Most countries have a clear definition of a brake lamp or headlamp failure - when the lamp is on or off. But with multiple LED lights, it is difficult to define exactly whether the lights are damaged. Manufacturers and lawmakers are defining how leds can be used.

2. Efficiency/lumens per watt

Leds generate more light output per unit of electrical power than standard incandescent bulbs. However, compared with halogen lamp, the actual optical output advantage of LED is not obvious. The latest leds have excellent lumen per watt values, but some values are obtained under optimized conditions, rather than normally under maximum output conditions. Generally speaking, when the LED current increases, the light output does not increase linearly. Therefore, even if the LED outputs x lumens at 0.5A current, it will not output 2x lumens at 1.0A current.

3. Response speed

Brake lights and the direction indicator lamp, for example, assume that the vehicle speed of 125 km/h, namely the 35 m/s, incandescent warm start time is about 250 milliseconds, and quickly LED to early brake warnings about 8 meters distance, thus effectively avoid hitting the car. So is the indicator light.

4. The directional

Another key feature is the way leds shine. Unlike incandescent bulbs, leds glow through only one surface, which is good for headlights and navigation lights, but may not be suitable for other lighting applications.

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