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LED light intensity
- Jul 31, 2017 -

The light intensity standard lamp, LED and silicon 

photodiode with V (λ) filter are installed and debugged on the light fixture seat, especially strictly the filament position, the LED light emitting position and the receiving surface position.

First calibrate silicon photodiode with light intensity standard lamp, C = E / S

Ds is the distance between the standard lamp and the receiver,

I s is the light intensity of the standard lamp, and R s is the response of the standard lamp.

Et = C · R t where E t is the illuminance of the measured LED and R t is the response of the LED to be measured, then the light intensity I t of the LED is: I t = E t · Dt

Where Dt is the distance between the LED and the receiving surface.

For the LED

the light-emitting surface is round cover shape, light distribution is very special, so at different measurement distance, the light intensity will change, from the distance square inverse law, even if the fixed distance measurement, but because of the acceptance Acceptance of different area, the light intensity will change. Therefore, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, it is necessary to fix the measurement distance and the receiving area in a relatively constant manner. For example, the measurement distance is recommended according to GIE 316mm, the receiver area is fixed to 10 × 10mm.

 In the same measurement distance

LED angle is different, the light intensity also changes accordingly, so in order to obtain the best value, it is best to read the maximum reading R t is better.

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