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LED taillights
- May 30, 2018 -

The external light

Common external headlamps are: headlamp, fog lamp, license plate lamp, reversing lamp, brake lamp, steering lamp, position indicator lamp, outline lamp, parking lamp and warning lamp, and day lamp. The light colors of external lamps and lanterns are generally white, orange and red. Vehicles carrying out special tasks, such as fire engines, police cars, ambulances, emergency repairs

The led

Leds (20)

For cars, a red, yellow or blue flashing warning light with priority passes is used. The motor vehicle shall participate in safety inspection and comprehensive inspection on time to ensure the complete and effective external lamps.

(1) headlights, commonly known as "headlights", are installed on both sides of the head of the car and are used to illuminate the road in front of the car. There are two lamps and four lamps. When four-lamp headlamps are installed side by side, the pair on the outside shall be a pair of near and far beam lamps. The inner pair shall be a long - beam single - beam lamp. High - beam lamp is 40-60W commonly, near - light lamp is 35-55W commonly.

(2) the fog lamp is installed on the head or tail of the car. Used to improve the lighting of the road in front of a car in fog, snow, rain or dust. The power of fog lamp in front of LED is 3-5w, and the light color is orange. The power of rear fog lamp is 3-5w, and the light color is red, to warn the trailing vehicles to keep the safe space.

(3) the LED license plate lamp is installed above or on the left and right sides of the license plate at the rear of the car. It is used for lighting the license plate. The power is generally 1-2w, which ensures that the characters and Numbers on the license plate can be clearly seen at the rear 20m of the pedestrian vehicle.

(4) the LED reversing lamp is installed in the rear of the car. When the transmission is in reverse, it will automatically shine, lighting the rear side of the car, and warning the pedestrians in the rear to pay attention to safety. The power is usually 2-5w and the light color is white.

(5) brake lamp is commonly known as "LED brake lamp". Install in the rear of the car. When stepping on the brake pedal, a strong red light is emitted to indicate braking. The power is 2-5w, the light color is red, and the display area of the lamp cover is lower than that of the rear indicator light. To avoid the danger of following a large car into a car, the rear window of the car can be equipped with high position brake lights (LED lights) displayed in rows of light-emitting diodes.

(6) the LED steering light is generally installed on the left and right sides of the head and tail of the car to indicate the vehicle's driving trend. There is a side turn light in the middle of the side of the car. The power of the main steering lamp is generally 1-3w, the side steering lamp is 2W, and the light color is stray color. When turning, the light is flashing, the frequency is set as 1.sic.5HZ, and the starting time is not more than 1.5s. All steering lights can be switched on and flashed at the same time through the danger alarm light switch when the emergency situation requires attention of other vehicles.

(7) leds in a lamp is also called the "lights" in width, the "lights" position, installed in the front, back and side, when driving at night after headlamps, and shown a floodlight lamp, instrument and license plate lights shine at the same time, to mark the shape of a vehicle, etc. The power is generally 0.5W to 2W. The front light is commonly known as "small light", the light color is white or yellow, the back light is commonly known as "taillight", the light color is red; The side light is amber.

(8)LED display profile lamp is commonly known as "Angle label lamp". All vehicles with a height of over 3m of no-load vehicle shall install the display profile lamp to mark the vehicle profile. The power of the indicator lamp is generally 3W.

(9) the parking lamp is installed on both sides of the front and rear of the car. It is required to confirm the light signal from 150m away from the front and rear of the car. The light color in the front of the car is required to be white and the rear of the car is required to be red. When parking at night, switch the parking lights on to the marked vehicle position.

(10) the warning lights are generally installed on the top of the vehicle to mark the special type of vehicle, and the power is generally 5-10w. Fire engines and police cars are red, ambulances are blue and rotate at a speed of 21.6 times per second. Buses and taxis are white and yellow. The taxi empty car sign light is installed on the meter platform, the power is 3-6w, the light color is red bottom, white word.

(11) the LED day-light mounted on the front of the car during the day is a light that makes it easier for the car to be recognized during the day. It's not designed to help drivers see the road, but to let others know that a car is coming. Therefore, this kind of lamp is not a lamp, but a kind of signal lamp. It's true that adding daylight lights can make a car look cooler and cooler, but the biggest benefit of daytime lights is not beauty but recognition. Leds will be more widely used in cars in Europe, where daily lights are compulsory until 2011.

Inside the lamp

Common internal lamps and lanterns have ceiling lamp, reading lamp, luggage lamp, door lamp, step lamp, instrument lamp, working lamp, dashboard alarm indicator lamp, etc.

(1) in general, there is only one overhead light for cars and trucks. Besides being used for indoor lighting, it can also play the role of monitoring whether the door is closed reliably. Under the condition of monitoring the door, as long as the door is not reliably closed, the ceiling lights will shine. The power is generally 0.5-2w, and the overhead lights of buses tend to develop towards fluorescent lamps.

(2) the reading lamp is installed in the front or top of the passenger seat. When concentrating the light, the passenger reading will not give the driver any dazzling phenomenon. The lighting range is small, and some of them have a light-axis direction adjustment mechanism.

(3) luggage compartment lights are installed in the luggage compartment of the car or bus. When the luggage compartment cover is opened, the lights will automatically shine and the luggage compartment space will be illuminated. The power is 1.5w.

(4) the door lamp is installed at the bottom of the inner side of the open door of the car, and when the door is opened, the door lamp lights will be bright, so as to notify pedestrians and vehicles to avoid leaving later. The power is 5W and the light color is red.

(5) step lights are installed on the steps in the passenger door of large and medium-sized buses. Light the pedals at night when you open the passenger door.

(6) the instrument lighting lamp is installed on the opposite side of the instrument panel and is used to illuminate the instrument pointer and scale board with a power of 0.5w. Instrument lamps are usually in parallel with position lamps and license lamps. Some car instrumentation lamps have adjustable luminous intensity.

(7) are so common alarm and light oil pressure alarm light, high temperature alarm lamp, rechargeable lights, turn signals, and in the light, alarm lamp is usually red, yellow, light is generally for the green or blue.

(8) the working light is a low-voltage lighting tool that can be used for vehicle maintenance. The power comes from the automobile generator or battery. The power is generally 21W, usually with hook or clamp, the plug has cigarette lighter type and two column plug type.

LED lights for LED directly by the electric energy into light energy, than a regular car bulbs consumes only equivalent to 1/10 of the traditional lamp, can save fuel consumption, better protect car circuit from the high load current burn out.

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