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Ordinary monochrome light emitting diodes
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Ordinary monochrome light-emitting diode has the advantages of small volume

low working voltage, low working current, uniform luminescence, fast response time and long life, and can be driven by various DC, AC and pulse power supply. It belongs to the current control type semiconductor devices, the use of the need to connect the appropriate current limiting resistor.

The luminous 

color of an ordinary monochromatic light emitting diode is related to the wavelength of light emission, and the wavelength of the light depends on the semiconductor material used to fabricate the light emitting diode. The wavelength of the red light-emitting diode is generally 650 ~ 700nm, the wavelength of the amber light-emitting diode is generally 630 ~ 650 nm, the wavelength of the orange light-emitting diode is generally about 610 ~ 630 nm, the wavelength of the yellow light-emitting diode is about 585 nm, 

The wavelength of the 

diode is generally 555 ~ 570 nm. Commonly used domestic ordinary single-color light-emitting diode BT (factory standard model) series, FG (Department of standard models) series and 2EF series

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