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The material of common lamps and lanterns and distinction.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1. wrought iron

Iron art lamps are made of iron as the main material, is currently used more materials. Iron art lamps and lanterns because the material is general, the price is moderate, is the choice of many lamps and lanterns material. The lamps and lanterns of iron art is most concerned is the problem of rust, this depends on manufacturer to the treatment of lamps and lanterns surface, if deal with badly, the life effect that is to lamps and lanterns is very big.

2. the resin

Resins are commonly believed to be the product of plant tissue secretion, but there are also synthetic ones. Resin because of the good plasticity, so the resin lamps and lanterns often will do very fine, the modelling is very rich, the color is gorgeous, the price also is very suitable. But the resin lamps and lanterns if the treatment does not return volatile some harmful substances, to the human experience has the harm.

3.Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is a kind of luminaire material developed and popular in recent years. Zinc alloy is usually made of die casting pressure, and it is also rich in shape. It is often used as lamp arm and other accessories. The surface can do a variety of colors and other materials, but the surface of the treatment is easy to fall off, the impact is beautiful.


Natural crystals are generally not pure and rarely used as major materials, and are generally used in synthetic crystals. The crystal is usually the largest in Austria, followed by the Egyptian asfa crystal, which is usually the most famous in K9 crystal. Now the crystal industry is flooded, many inferior crystal fills the market, some consumers do not understand will be cheated. Crystal lamp is a very luxurious representative, besides being the main luminaire material, also often serves as the adornment fittings and pendant of other lamps and lanterns. The problem with crystal lights is sanitation, which can be messy.

5. Full copper lamp

As a relatively expensive metal, copper has long been used as a currency in China. In history, there are many famous copper lamps, which are commonly used by the royal family, while copper also has a sterilizing effect.

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