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What kind of lamp light source is best to the eye?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

LED lamp is a cold light source, the principle of luminescence is different from incandescent lamp. LED lamp is characterized by no flicker and wide range of color temperature, while the disadvantage is that it contains blue light component, which needs to be added to the light plate diffuse reflection.

The incandescent lamp should be the most widely used electric light source. The principle is to heat the filament to incandescence, using the thermal radiation to emit visible light. The light effect of incandescent lamp is low, light color and collect light performance still calculate can, the home use is ok.

And halogen lamp is a variant of incandescent lamp, luminous principle of it and ordinary incandescent lamp, halogen lamp of tungsten wire with a higher melting point than ordinary incandescent lamp, halogen lamp on brightness so than incandescent bulbs. And eye protection lamp is the illuminant that is adjusted again commonly, so compare common light source is better to the eye.

For example, recently a new hanwang the lamp that shield an eye, the illuminance standard accord with China's national standard GB/T 9473-9473 "reading and writing assignment desk lamp performance requirements" look from the appearance, its nearly 99 ° matrix using 99 high quality lamp bead, excellent lamp bead, can be a very good filtering harmful blue light, avoid flashing and glare, uniform light distribution, can effectively reduce the shadow. The near-circular lamp ring can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, and the color temperature of this lamp is adjustable between 3600 and 4000k, which can effectively alleviate eyestrain. The color index is as high as 90, which can reduce the natural color and reduce the occurrence of color weakness.

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