Double Bubble SeaLED Clearance Marker Light with Plug for Car Trailer

Led clearance/marker light

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Double Bubble SeaLED Clearance Marker Light with Plug for Car Trailer

Item Number.: YS241

Size: 4"*2"*1.3" 

Voltage: 12V or 24V or MULTI-VOLTAGE

LED Amount.: 13 LEDs

LED Type: F5

Flash: No

Back Connection: 2 wires with terminal

Lens Materials: ABS/AS

Cover Materials:ABS/AS

MOQ: 500 Pcs

Waterproof:  IP68

Function: Led clearance/marker light 


Packing Details




Carton  Size

White Box

500 pcs





car trailer lights.jpg                              clearance marker lights.jpg

Benefits of LED Lights

Now that you know a little more about LED lights and what they are, it's important to take a look at their benefits. These benefits are what have made this lighting choice so popular today. When making the choice about the right lighting for you, it's important to know the benefits to this choice. There is no shortage or benefits of LED lights today. 

You may be especially surprised to hear that LED lights can last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights of the same type and size and that they usually cost the same or less. LED lights produce a bright, clear light that meets your needs better than any other similar light source that can be compared. It will last you longer, making it well worth the money you will spend and they will save you money in the long run. 

LED lights are also eco friendly and great for the environment. This is yet another reason why many people and businesses are turning to them as a source of light for their properties. They are friendlier to the environment based on the materials they are made from and also for the fact that they last longer which means a reduction in waste. They are also more energy-efficient so you can save money from them in the long run.



With the LED product technology breakthroughs and differences in market demand, specialization, niche market to become the era of LED after the new blue ocean, which, LED car lighting has become a concern area.


(GGII) the latest data show that in 2016 China's LED lights market size reached 19.4 billion yuan, the next few years, the industry market will grow rapidly, is expected by 2020, LED lights market size will reach 42.5 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 21.65%.


In fact, for a long time, the global automotive lighting market are Philips, Osram, Lumileds, Nissin, Career and other international giants firmly control.


On the one hand because the car system compared to the lighting to be more complex, car lighting is considered a high threshold difficult to enter the field; the other hand, because the car before the market supply chain is difficult to enter and there is recalled Huge risk. Therefore, the domestic car companies are more layout after the market, most of the pre-installed market is still waiting to see the state.


With the arrival of the LED era, China has become the world's largest LED manufacturing, which gives the development of domestic LED lighting provides a unique advantage.

 There is no doubt that the use of high-brightness LED lighting will be the main feature of the future car, thanks to the LED relative to the traditional incandescent lighting program has many of the basic advantages. In addition, the use of LED lighting can also drive the car design technology and design style changes. However, just like any innovative technology, LED is widely used in automotive lighting before, still need to overcome many difficulties.

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