Truck LED Combination Strip Lamps Light from Chinese Factory

Truck LED Combination Strip Lamps Light from Chinese Factory

Emergency Vehicle Lighting, Utility Vehicle Lighting,Warning Lights

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Truck LED Slimline Lights  Strip Lamps Light From Chinese Factory  


Part No.: YTS8051

Size: 200×50×28mm

Voltage: DC 12V/24V, Multi voltage 12-24V

LED Qty.: 36

LED Type: Piranha

Materials: ABS/AS/PVC

Sealed Housing:  IP67

Function: LED Stop/ Indicator lights   

Short Description: Truck LED Slimline Lights, LED Strip Lights, truck LED lights

Applications: Emergency Vehicle Lighting, Utility Vehicle Lighting,Warning Lights


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LED Prospects

There is no doubt that the use of high-brightness LED lighting will be the main feature of the future car, thanks to the LED relative to the traditional incandescent lighting program has many of the basic advantages. In addition, the use of LED lighting can also drive the car design technology and design style changes. However, just like any innovative technology, LED is widely used in automotive lighting before, still need to overcome many difficulties.




Key features

1. Reliability and service life

LED life expectancy is 50,000 hours, while the tungsten halogen lamp for 20,000 hours, tungsten incandescent lamp for 3 thousand hours. Relative to the incandescent lamp, LED structure is strong, not susceptible to vibration, the use of light output brightness will not be significantly reduced. The lighting scheme based on multiple LEDs also has the "redundancy" benefit, and even if an LED fails, the lighting fixture can continue to be used.

Proper use of the LED (especially the correct control of the LED temperature), can effectively extend the life expectancy of the LED. On the contrary, if the temperature is too high, LED is easy to damage. LED applications also involve many legal definitions in automotive lighting. Most countries have a clear definition of the brake light or headlamp failure - light or off. But the use of multiple LED lights, it is difficult to accurately define whether the lights have been damaged. Manufacturers and legislators are defining the use of LEDs.

2. Efficiency / per lap

Compared with the standard incandescent lamp, LED consumption per unit of electricity can produce more light output. But compared with the halogen lamp, the LED's actual light output advantage is not obvious. The latest LEDs have excellent lumens per watt value, but some values are obtained under optimized conditions, and are usually not obtained under the highest output conditions. In general, when the LED current increases, the light output did not increase linearly. Therefore, even if the LED in the 0.5A current output x lumens, it is 1.0A current will not output 2x lumens.

3. Response speed

Take the brake light and the direction indicator tube as an example. Assuming the vehicle is 125 km / h, or 35 m / s, the incandescent lamp has a hot start time of about 250 milliseconds, while the rapid response LED is about 8 meters ahead of time Brake warning, so as to effectively avoid the car collision. The same is true for the indicator light.

4. Directionality

Another key feature is the LED light mode. Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs emit only through a surface, which is good for headlights and chart lights applications, but may not be suitable for other lighting applications for car lights.

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