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LED Combination lamp

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LED Combination lamp


Item No.: YCL5100ARR

Size: 278×100×28mm

Voltage: Multivolt 12V&24V

LED Number: 97LEDs, 36Amber&36Red&25White

LED Type: F5

Back: 40cm wiring

Materials: ABS/AS/PVC

Sealed Housing:  IP67

Short Description: LED Combination lamp

E-Mark: stop/tail/indicator/reverse





CTN’S   Dimension

Bubble Bag

25 pcs







LED Advantages:

Models and the original car consistent, do not change the original car line, direct replacement of the original car light bulbs

LED reversing lights, LED turn signals, LED brake lights dual line backflow

canbus decoding anti-fast anti-error

Softer: rich color saturation, so that the output light is more soft and natural, in line with the characteristics of automotive lighting applications;

More durable: durable, strong earthquake resistance, longer life, is the traditional general halogen lamp life of 10 times;

More energy efficient: high efficiency, less heat, low consumption, environmental protection, 5050 SMD LED car lights less heat, is the future of automotive energy-saving application design concept;

Safer: faster response than conventional incandescent light, HID lamps require longer drive light delay. More real-time reflection of traffic conditions and traffic conditions, leaving the driver a longer time to determine the reduction of car safety accidents;

More practical: small size, light weight, you can achieve more compact and exquisite lighting for other models designed to save more space;

More healthy: LED lights are green cold light source, no infrared, ultraviolet and other light, heat, radiation is very small, car interior lighting more healthy, to meet the needs of backlighting colorful applications.

China's LED industry after years of price war baptism, the product profits are diluted, earnings are difficult to be guaranteed, companies have to adjust the strategy to find a new blue ocean market.


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