LED Semi Truck Lights Side Marker Lamp

Led clearance/marker light

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LED Semi Truck Lights Side Marker Lamp

Item No.: YS211

Size: 2.6"*1"  SHUTTLE

Voltage: 12V/24V DC, 12-24V Multi-voltage

LED Amount: 6

Type: F5

Connection: 2 wires come out

Edge: Hard (Shuttle)

Lens Materials: ABS/AS

Cover Materials:ABS/AS

Sealed Housing:  IP65

Function: LED Side Marker/Clearance Lights 

Short Description: Led clearance/marker light

Applications: Dropside Trailer, Utility Van, Freezer Truck, etc.

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Carton Size

White Box

100 pcs





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led marker(001).jpg

led side marker lights for trucks(001).jpg

semi truck lights(001).jpg

truck led side lamp(001).jpg




LED Lights

LED lights now give us a new option in home and office lighting. LED stands for light emitting diode and this is a cluster of individual units that make up one light. While many produce white lights, you can also get them in other colors and shades to suit your needs accordingly. The combination of wavelengths will affect the desired tone of light that you receive from the LED light. 

This is considered a modern form of lighting and it is classified under the SSL lighting category. SSL stands for solid state lighting and this means that the light comes from a solid object instead of from a gas or a vacuum. This is one of the reasons this type of light can be more energy efficient. 

LED lighting can be used in all the typical places we expect to see lig
hts. For example, we can use them inside our homes and offices. We can use them for décor and we can use them to help us light workspaces and other important areas. We also see LED lights used outdoors, in garden or to light paths to the home or in front of the home or office. You can even see these lighting sources used to replace holiday lighting and other decorative lights. The main reason so many people are switching to LED lights is due to the many benefits. 

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