LED Trailer Side Marker Lights with Reflex Function

Led Reflex light

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LED Trailer Side Marker Lights with Reflex Function

Part No.: YS521

Size: 3.90"*1.22"*1" 

Voltage: 12V or 24V

LED Amount: 3LEDs


Flash: No

Connection: 2 wires come out directly

Edge: Hard

Lnes Materials: ABS/AS

Cover Materials: ABS/AS

Sealed Housing:  IP65

Function: Led Reflex light

Waterproof: IP65



Packing info




Carton   Size

White Box

100 pcs





led marker lights with reflex(002).jpg

trailer marker lights(001).jpg


In automotive applications, LEDs are mainly used for external and internal lighting. External lighting equipment involves thermal limits and EMC issues, as well as many complex standards for unloading load tests. For example, voltage drivers that are 40V, 60V, 80V, or 100V LEDs must meet the stringent requirements of automotive EMC specifications. For LEDs that are driven by an efficient, inductive switched regulator, it is difficult to meet these requirements, and all precautions will increase the cost of the overall solution. In the field of external lighting applications, headlights, fog lights and indicator lights are targeted applications.

Due to the advantages of LED, LED can be widely used to create a comfortable environment, such as instrument lighting, pedal lights, chart lights, rear fog lights, car rear brakes and lights, and for the display car "entertainment Information "flat panel display blending backlighting and ambient lighting will further increase the application of LED.


There is no doubt that the use of high-brightness LED lighting will be the main feature of the future car, thanks to the LED relative to the traditional incandescent lighting program has many of the basic advantages. In addition, the use of LED lighting can also drive the car design technology and design style changes. However, just like any innovative technology, LED is widely used in automotive lighting before, still need to overcome many difficulties.

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