Vehicle LED Rear Tail Light Assembly Round Red Flashlight Driving Lights

LED 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

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LED 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Item No.: YSF4021

Size: 4''

Voltage: 12V or 24V

LED Numbers.: 35LEDs


Flash: Yes

Back: 3 wires come out directly

Lens Material  :ABS/AS                

cover Material :ABS/AS 

Grommet material:PVC 

Waterproof:  IP65

Function: LED Turn lights 

Short Description: LED 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light 

Packing info.




Carton   Size

White Box

100 pcs



Energy saving, low cost

LED luminous efficiency is high, nearly two times the fluorescent lamp. If we use our daily energy-saving lamps to the analogy, energy-saving lamps energy-saving than incandescent 4/5, and energy-saving lamps than the energy-saving LED 1/4. In the car, the same daytime running lights, LED components, energy consumption is only halogen 1/20. The cost of LED components has been greatly reduced year by year, and the current costs and prices are still more than 20% annual rate of decline.



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China's LED industry after years of price war baptism, the product profits are diluted, earnings are difficult to be guaranteed, companies have to adjust the strategy to find a new blue ocean market.


With the LED product technology breakthroughs and differences in market demand, specialization, niche market to become the era of LED after the new blue ocean, which, LED car lighting has become a concern area.

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