Wholesale Round High Power LED Commercial Truck Rear Tail Lights

Wholesale Round High Power LED Commercial Truck Rear Tail Lights

LED 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

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Product Details

LED 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Item Number: YTR4121

Size: 4''

Voltage: 12V/24V DC, 12-24V Multi-voltage

LED Qty.: 1LED

LED Type: F5/PIRANHA(High Power)

Flash: No

Back: 3 wires come out directly

Lens Material  :ABS/AS                

cover Material :ABS/AS

Grommet material:PVC

Waterproof:  IP65Stop

Function:Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Short Description: Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Packing Details.




Carton   Size

White Box

100 pcs



How to Identify the Quality of LED Headlamp Bulb

LED headlamp bulbs identify the quality of good or bad, mainly to see a scattered one together. Is the cooling cooling problem, poly is the problem with the condenser light.

Solve the problem of poor heat, the first impact LED bulb life, the second impact of power and light efficiency thus affecting the luminous flux output of the lamp.

Condenser problem solving is not good, the first effect of the use of light efficiency, the second will produce glare to the other drivers driving interference, affecting traffic safety.

LED lights on the market light bulbs, cooling in two ways: fan cooling and metal braided belt cooling. Fan cooling problem is to increase energy consumption, the second is noise, three fan life determines the lamp life - and fans in the lamp cavity inside the local high-temperature space environment, the service life is often very short. Metal braided cooling of the bulb, the test results are also very general, LED junction temperature of most of the work of up to 110-120 degrees, light bead because the high-temperature light failure will soon darken.



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