Truck Lights Round LED Tail Lamp Light Replacement

Truck Lights Round LED Tail Lamp Light Replacement

4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

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4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Part No.: YTR4131

Size: 4''

Voltage: 12V or 24V or Multi-voltage

LED Amount: 19LEDs


Flash: No

Connection: 3 wires come out directly

Grommet material:PVC

Lens Material: ABS/AS

Cover Material: ABS/AS

Waterproof: IP65

Function: 4" Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Applications: Box Trailer Lights, Dump Truck Lights, Enclosed Box Trailer Lights, Service Truck Lights, Commercial Vehicle Lighting, etc.

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Carton   Size

White Box

100 pcs





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  Cutomized Package




LED's Advantages

1. Energy saving: by the light-emitting diode directly from the electrical energy into light energy, more ordinary car light bulb power consumption is only equivalent to the traditional lamp 1/10, can better save fuel consumption, protect the car circuit is not too high load current burn Bad.

2. Environmental protection: the spectrum is not ultraviolet and infrared, heat is small, no radiation, glare small, and waste can be recycled, no pollution does not contain mercury elements, you can safely touch, is a typical green light led light source.

3. Long life: the lamp body is not loose part, there is no filament light burning, heat deposition, light failure and other shortcomings, in the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of up to 8-10 million hours, than the traditional light source life More than 10 times longer. (With a replacement, life-long features)

4. High brightness, high temperature. (Power directly converted to light energy, heat a small, completely hand touch, safe and secure)

5. Small size. The person can freely change the lamp mode, so that car shape diversification. Car manufacturers favor LED, LED is entirely the advantages of their own decision.

6. Stable performance, led seismic performance: resin package, not easy to break, easy to store and transport.

7. Luminous high purity, clear color bright, no shade filter, light error within 10 nanometers.

8. The reaction speed, no hot start time, micro-seconds to light, the traditional glass bulb is 0.3 seconds delay, to prevent rear-end, to ensure traffic safety.

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