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2018 MATS Show
- Jan 11, 2018 -

In 2018, the forty-seventh Central American Truck Exhibition MATS was introduced. 

Mid-America Trucking Show, the truck and accessories exhibition in the central United States, was founded in 1972. It regularly hosted by the American Association for exhibition management every year in the U.S. city of Louisville. It has a long history of more than 40 years. The exhibition has been highly appraised and recognized by all the world's famous truck brands and accessories enterprises. It becomes the leading role in world Truck Exhibition. According to the statistics data,  a total of 1102 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions participating in 2016. A total of 74937 professional visitors to come from 67 countries and regions in the world looking for business opportunities. There are 145 media around the world for interviews. The scale of Chinese exhibitors to participate in the exhibition is increasing year by year. The exhibition has become an excellent opportunity for the world truck and accessories enterprises to occupy the Americas market and enhance their self brand, and has also made many domestic truck accessories enterprises get tangible benefits. 

The biggest difference between MATS exhibition in 2018 and previous years is the new truck dealer showing the theme exhibition of Truck dealer showcase. There is no absence of the seven main brand dealers in the US (Kenworth Western Star Freightliner Volvo Mack Peterbilt Peterbilt). With the latest model of 2018, it shows an area of 18000 square feet (about 1672 square meters), and the size of the vehicle will be not inferior to the previous year. Except the long head of cool trucks , the annual MATS exhibition main content is the professional refitting trailer enterprises, rich parts brand enterprises as well as small as radio, mats, lights, lighters, exhaust pipes and other truck drivers life utility. All kinds of Association units such as app, job search, fitness clubs and so on are also participating in the exhibition.                                                                                         Of course, there are also some excellent Chinese special cars and parts exhibitors. MATS is a truck driver's Carnival, and the audience can enjoy a full truck banquet like shopping.


Welcome to our our 2018 MATS show booth.

Booth NO. 65140

Time Mar.22th, 2018- Mar.24th,2018

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