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Application Of Light - Emitting Diodes LED Display
- Jul 31, 2017 -

LED display

Since the mid-1980s, there have been monochrome and multi-color display come out at first, the text screen or animated screen .In the early 90s, the development of electronic computer technology and integrated circuit technology, making LED display video technology can be achieved, TV images directly on the screen, especially in the mid-90s, blue and green ultra-high brightness LED successfully developed and quickly put into operation, so that the application of outdoor screen greatly expanded, ranging from 100-300m LED display in the sports venues, Square, the venue and even the streets, shopping malls have been widely used, the United States Times Square Nasdaq full color screen is the most famous, the screen area of 120 feet × 90 feet, equivalent to 1005m, from 19 million super bright blue, green , The red LED is made.

In addition, the securities market

the bank exchange rate screen, interest rate screen and other applications also accounted for a large proportion of the recent highway, elevated road information screen also has a greater development. The application of the field has become a scale, the formation of new industries, and can expect a more stable growth

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