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Features Of LED Working Light Products
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1, LED ball: Using regular 45MIL wafer chip packaging, high-power LED1W or 3W;
2, high light intensity: 180LM/3W.
3, high color temperature: LED light bead selection is generally around 7000 K, while the maximum color temperature of traditional halogen lamps is only 3500 K, and the light is dark and yellow;
4, wide range of application: using a unique glass process, polarizing surface can be used for fog lamps, auxiliary lighting; The panning surface can be used for working lamps, engineering lamps, and customers are asked to determine the purpose of the required product and select the corresponding mirror to achieve the best performance;
5, LED car work lights, repair lights products based on the industry front, leading the trend of the industry, the entire line of products unique shape, some products are original and forward-looking, and effectively solved the problem of high-power LED heat dissipation and light attenuation, reasonable material selection, good stability. The craft degree is high, beautiful and practical.

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