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Hangzhou Hantuo Import And Export Co. LTD
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Hangzhou hantuo import and export co. LTD

Was born in hangzhou in 2015, mainly engaged in industrial import and export trade, the company mainly to foreign trade business services, international trade, m fort wine agent godard three big business as the mainstay, looking for the long-term, stable and healthy development of the enterprise, each related interest subjects for the enterprise to create the value of sustained growth, become east China's leading integrated trade services company.

Hangzhou hantuo import and export co., LTD is mainly engaged in the import and export business of goods and technology. Investment management (except securities, futures and funds); Sales: wujinjiaodian, daily provisions, plastic products, wire and cable, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, electronic components, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation equipment, storage equipment, refrigeration equipment, yacht, forklift and accessories, chemical products (except hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals), timber, cosmetics; Wholesale: prepackaged food; Other legitimate projects that do not require approval.

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