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- Jun 29, 2018 -

A headlamp is a light fixture on a vehicle. The type of headlight combination headlight combination headlight combination headlight in the front of the whole car, it mainly plays the role of lighting and signal. Headlamps light to illuminate the road in front of the car, the driver driving can be safe in the dark, combination according to the light source can be divided into: headlamp tungsten halogen lamp and xenon lamp, according to the function can be divided into high beam, low beam lights, lights, before a lamp (shows the location of the vehicle is light). At present, the national laws and regulations of fog lamps are not mandatory and can be optional. Composite tail light composite tail lights in the rear of the car, is its main role, lighting and signal lights after general by the lamp, back light, brake lights, lights, fog lights, after and reply reflector. A light indicating a left or right turn to other road users. The law requires amber color. License plate lamp license plate lamp it is mainly to illuminate the license plate, make people distinguish the license plate of the vehicle in the dark.

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