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Historical Origin Of Stainless Steel
- Jul 02, 2018 -

The invention and use of stainless steel date back to the first world war. Henry braly, a British scientist, was commissioned by the British government's military Arsenal to study weapons improvements. At the time, the rifle bore used by soldiers was easily worn out, and braly wanted to invent a kind of alloy steel that would not wear out.

Blair, the invention of stainless steel in 1916 the British patents and start mass production, at this point, from the stainless steel found in the dump is popular in the world, Henry cabral, also known as the "father" of stainless steel. In the first world war, British guns in the field of battle were always transported back to the rear because the gun bore was worn out and could not be used. The military production department ordered braly to develop high strength wear-resistant alloy steel, specially to solve the wear problem of gun bore. Mr Blair and his aides have collected in the production of various types of steel products at home and abroad, various properties of alloy steel, in a variety of different properties on the mechanical performance of the experiment, and then select the applicable made gun steel. One day, they tested a domestically produced with large amounts of chromium alloy steel, after abrasion experiment, discover this alloy is not wear-resisting, that can't manufacture guns, so, they recorded the experimental results, drop a corner. Months after one day, an aide ran with a piece of steel excitedly looking for Tony Blair said: "Sir, this is I found in the clean the warehouse from Mr Mullah alloy steel, do you test, to see what's so special it!" "Good!" "Said braly, looking at the shiny steel.

The results show that it is a stainless steel that is not afraid of acid, alkali and salt. The stainless steel was invented by German mullahs in 1912, but the mullahs had no idea of its use.

"Could this steel, which is not wear-resistant but corrosion-resistant, be used to make cutlery instead of guns? He said dry, and began to make stainless steel fruit knives, forks, spoons, plates and folding knives.

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