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How Many Kinds Of Automotive Electronic Locks Are There?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

There are many forms of electronic lock, such as electronic key electronic lock, button electronic lock, touch electronic lock and so on. At present, electronic key type electronic lock is common. The key of the electronic lock is stored in the electronic circuit, which stores the cipher, and is connected with the main control circuit through various forms, such as light, electricity and magnetism.

Through electronic technology, the key can be distinguished from "primary and secondary" identity, the main key and the secondary key. The main key can open all the locks on the car, including the door, the suitcase lock, the glove box lock, the armrest lock and so on. The vice key can only open the door lock and the ignition lock. Its role is to protect the owner's private property from infringement.

The installation of electronic locks must be ECU, that is to say, only the engine of the EFI system is qualified for use. Because of the bad operating environment of the automobile, the environmental adaptability and reliability of the electronic lock element is very high. It should ensure that the electronic components work reliably in the electromagnetic environment, and also ensure that the electronic components can withstand the changes of vibration and temperature and humidity.

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