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How Many Kinds Of Headlights Are There?
- May 21, 2018 -

Automobile lamps can be divided into LED lamps, halogen lamps, HID xenon lamps, hernia lamps, steering lights, wide lamps, fog lamps and signal lamps.

LED lamp: high brightness and low energy consumption, but the lighting range is small, and it is mostly used for signal lights.

Halogen lamp: the most traditional vehicle lighting, is still the mainstream.

Xenon lamp: High intensity Discharge, that is, high pressure gas discharge lamp. Most of the cars are white xenon lamps. They are characterized by high luminous efficiency, electricity saving, long life and no glare. But because of this, no attention should be paid to the near light and high light switch during the meeting.

Turn signal: this light is switched on when the vehicle is turning, and is flashing to remind the vehicles and pedestrians. The turning time of the turn signal should be well controlled. It should be opened at about 30 meters ~100 meters from the turning intersection. Too early to give the rear car the illusion of "forget to turn off the lights". After the party, the driver and pedestrians would not be prepared mentally.

Nocturnal wide light: commonly known as "light". This lamp is used to display the width and length of the car at night. Drivers usually check regularly during routine maintenance. Some drivers think that little lights can't play the role of lighting, and they do not pay enough attention to them. This is very wrong.

Fog lamp: it can help drivers improve visibility when driving in foggy weather, and ensure that the opposite cars can be found in time to take measures to secure rendezvous. Therefore, when driving in fog, drivers must turn on fog lamps and not replace them with small lights. If fog lights are turned on in non fog weather, the rear driver will be very dazzling.

Signal lamp: including the steering light (double flash) and the brake light. The correct use of a signal lamp is very important for safe driving.

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