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LED Advantages And Disadvantages
- Jul 31, 2017 -

LED advantages:

(High speed), low power high brightness, high reliability, high power, low power consumption, Easy to dim, colorful, stable and stable beam, start without delay;

LED shortcomings: 

high initial cost, poor color, high power LED low efficiency, constant current drive (to be dedicated drive circuit). In contrast, a variety of traditional lighting there are some flaws.


low efficiency of electro-optical conversion (about 10%), short life (about 1000 hours), high heat temperature, single color and low color temperature;

Fluorescent light: 

electro-optical conversion efficiency is not high (about 30%), hazardous to the environment (including mercury and other harmful elements, about 3.5-5mg / only), not adjustable brightness (low voltage can not start glare), ultraviolet radiation, flicker, Slow, rare earth raw material prices (phosphor accounted for the proportion of cost increased from 10% to 60 ~ 70%), repeated switch affect life;

High-pressure gas discharge lamp: 

power consumption, the use of unsafe, short life, heat problems, and more for outdoor lighting.

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