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LED Effect Traffic Light
- Jul 31, 2017 -

The use of LED lights for the light source for many years

the current work is to improve and improve the road traffic lights in recent years has made considerable progress, rapid technological development, rapid application development, China is currently about 40,000 sets of orders each year, While the United States in California last year, the use of LED traffic lights to replace the 50,000 sets of traditional light source lights, according to the use of results, long life, power and maintenance-free effect is obvious. The current LED LED peak wavelength is red 630nm , Yellow 590nm, green 505nm. Should pay attention to the problem is that the drive current should not be too large, otherwise the summer sun under high temperature conditions will affect the LED life.

Recently, the application of the airport as a standard light

cast light and omni-directional lights of the LED airport dedicated lights have also been successful and put into use, many reflect the effect is very good.It has independent intellectual property rights, approved two patents, good reliability , Save electricity, maintenance-free, can be applied to a variety of airports, alternative has been used for decades of old lights, not only high brightness, and because the LED light color purity is good, especially clear, easy signal recognition.

Railway lights because of the variety of series

requiring light intensity and perspective are also different, is currently stepping up development, it is estimated that the gradual development and successively put into use, from the number of view, is also a considerable market

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