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LED Headlights Have Advantages And Disadvantages
- May 28, 2018 -


1. Long life span, which can reach tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours. Some people believe that if future car lights use leds, the whole life of the car will not need to be replaced.

Ii. High efficiency and low energy consumption. LED light can directly produce the red, amber and other colors required by automobile lamps without filtering colors. There is no loss and the power utilization rate is over 80%.

Three: the light quality is high, belongs to the environmental protection product basically does not have radiation, "green" light source.

4. The LED structure is simple, the internal support structure is good, and the surrounding is sealed with transparent epoxy resin.

V: no delay, fast response speed (nanosecond level), suitable for fast moving objects.

6: suitable for low voltage work, can be applied to cars.

7. The LED occupies a small volume, and the designer can change the lamp mode at will to diversify the car model. Automobile manufacturers favor LED, which is completely determined by the advantages of LED itself.


1. High cost. Take LED reversing lamp as an example. An LED reversing lamp costs nearly 30 yuan, while a light bulb costs only 3 yuan. The high price makes it impossible for ordinary cars to carry LED lights and the market cannot be popularized.

Ii. It is difficult to popularize LED headlights, poor heat dissipation, poor heat dissipation and light decay. Affects the lamp service life.

3. There is no industry standard and the product quality is uneven.

Light design is a little difficult;

5. It is not suitable for long-term lighting. If long-term lighting is needed, simple heat dissipation design should be considered.

Poor maintenance performance;

Point light source makes the appearance of the lamp and the bulb that we are used to have certain gap, the acceptance degree of the person is challenged.

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