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LED Lighting Applications
- Jun 06, 2018 -

In the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp, pendent lamp, projection lamp decorations, such as reflection USES the LED lighting lamps and lanterns can fully competent in any occasion, including art galleries, museums, such as higher requirements on the color of the place. But for shopping malls, office buildings and other large-scale facilities, though as big scale illumination LED lamps and lanterns has been born, but its directivity (LED chip light is a straight line, divergent bad) is too high and caused extensive design within the average illuminance is difficult. The lamp - tube LED lighting lamps are arranged too tightly, the design cost is too high, and the energy-saving effect is lost. Therefore, at the present stage, LED lighting lamps are fully available for decoration purposes, and large area of indoor lighting is not mature.

1) signal indication application: signal lighting is an early and widespread application field of LED monochromatic light, accounting for about 4% of the LED application market.

2) display application: indicator, billboard, large-screen display, etc. LED applications for display screen account for about 20% to 25% of LED applications. Display screen can be divided into monochrome and color.

3) lighting application:

Portable lamps: flashlight, headlamp, miner's lamp, diving lamp, etc.

Parliamentary car lights: high position brake lights, brake lights, steering lights, reversing lights, etc., large power leds have been widely used in automotive lighting.

Special lighting: solar garden lamp, solar street lamp, underwater lamp, etc. Because LED size is small, it is convenient for dynamic brightness and color control, so it is more suitable for building lighting.

(4) backlighting lighting: the ordinary electronic equipment function display back light, laptop back light source, light source through the large size large size LCD display, LED as a mobile phone display back light is LED the most widely used field.

A RGB light source for projectors.

Ordinary lighting: various types of general lighting lamps, lighting sources, etc. are divided into commercial lighting and home lighting.

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