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LED Unidirectional Continuity
- Jul 31, 2017 -

LED can only turn in one direction (power)

called forward bias (forward bias), when the current flows, the electrons and holes in which complex and issued a monochromatic light, called electroluminescence effect , 

And the wavelength of light

color and its use of the type of semiconductor materials and the incorporation of elemental impurities. With high efficiency, long life, easy to break, high switching speed, high reliability and other advantages of traditional light sources. White LED luminous efficiency, in recent years has been significantly improved, at the same time, in the purchase price per thousand lumens, but also because of the market competition among manufacturers, and significantly decreased. 

Although more and more people use LED lighting for office

furniture, decoration, signs and even street light use, but in technology, LED in the photoelectric conversion efficiency (effective illumination on the ratio of electricity consumption) is still lower than the new fluorescent lamp, After the country to develop civilian whereabouts.

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