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- Jun 01, 2018 -

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The car ahead will not go after the green light

Lamp language: the big light flash in the intersection wait for a car, when the green light is on, sometimes will encounter the front car motionless situation. Maybe it's a beginner, a nervous hand, a slow start, maybe the driver in front of the car is not paying attention to the change in the indicator light, and is distracted when the light is red.

At this point, the back car will usually take a little action to give the other side a hint. Some people will honk their horns wildly, but this kind of impatient urge not only loses its poise, but may also have the opposite effect. Some car friends get angry and drive slowly, deliberately holding on to the back of the car, resulting in a loss for everyone.

In this case, it's obviously not the right thing to do, so we can use a big light instead of a big one. Flash headlights, a vehicle ahead normally can realize, if you haven't activity are flash, blink, again, avoid by all means continuous flash headlights, this is not respect for people, easy to cause the negative feelings of vehicle ahead driver.

Condition 2

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The night was dazzled by the strong lights

Lamp signal: under two headlamps to remind, the double jump light dissatisfied with driving at night, all the most headache thing is to meet the high beam opened the guy, the other does not switch when the behavior of light in the process of driving at night. In fact, driving in the city at night, most of the roads have good lighting, there is no need to turn on the headlights snow. And in the road lighting is not very ideal road section, the headlights on the end is the important factor that causes the accident.

What if you run into a car and keep the headlights on? Maybe a lot of car friends will take the "tit-for-tat" approach, we each lit up each other. This is obviously not the right way. When the old driver introduces the experience of safe driving, he usually says that he will not drive a gambler.

When encountering the glare, it is likely that the other side forgot to turn off the high beam. The car friends can flash two large lights at a distance in front of the meeting to remind the other side to switch the lights when meeting the car. If the other side is indifferent, the car friend can turn on the double jump lamp to express dissatisfaction, tell the other side "you flash me, please switch the near light lamp".

State three

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Run into a traffic jam

Lamp language: a flash of "agree", a flash of "refuse"

Each other and road or road traffic intersection, the hog is dangerous, and she need to car absolutely cannot directly to change lanes, and met with the car tip need to change lanes, is to agree to change lanes, or refuse requests, the car must give each other a clear reminder.

When encountering cross-roads or vehicles crossing the road, the lane change vehicle should first turn on the turn signal in advance and wait at the junction of traffic flow. Ask the rear car, "can I change the road?" If the rear car agrees, slow down and flash the headlights. If it is inconvenient, even flash a few big lights, which means "disagree".

Beijing the latest popular way, if the flash car headlights and a slow, after leading the success and, after "lights" double jump flash 3 as a "thank you", after the car flash headlights once said "you're welcome".

In the four

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We found something wrong with the neighboring car

Lamp language: the big light flash three times some car door did not close good, some car a tire pressure obviously insufficient.. When driving on the road, when you happen to see some problems of other cars, people will not turn a blind eye, but how to tell the owner of the car in the first place the problem you find?

In the language of headlights, there are also lights reminding other vehicles that there is a problem and they need to check the side of the parking dock. If you see a problem with a neighboring car, you can flash three headlights in a row in front of the car and three more when the driver in front of you notices the light. Of course, if someone flashes you three headlights, you should also be aware that there may be something wrong with your car and that the back car is giving you a friendly reminder.

State five

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The rear car is too close to the car

Lamp language: the effective way to avoid accidents is to keep the proper safe distance while driving on the highway with bright brake lights. For this, there is a use of brake light, that is, when the rear car is too close to his car, the driver in front of the car can tap on the brake gently, prompting the rear car "you are too close to me, you should stay away".

In six

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I'm going to overtake (at night)

Lamp language: the big light flashes 3 times and whistles.

In addition, there are other versions of the language of the headlights. This entry is accompanied by examples.

Thank you for three double flashes or three long flashes.

· you're welcome with three double flashes or three long flashes;

· three flashes of high light and two flashes of emergency assistance;

· please pay attention to your behavior by pressing long distance for 3 seconds;

· there is a problem with the car. Please stop and check the three long lights with a whistle.

I have something urgent to do. Please let a whistle blow in the distance.

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