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Luminous Intensity And Light Intensity Distribution
- Jul 31, 2017 -

LED luminous intensity 

is to characterize it in a certain direction of the luminous intensity, due to the different angles in the LED light intensity difference between many, followed by we studied the LED light intensity distribution characteristics. 

This parameter 

is of great significance and directly affects the minimum viewing angle of the LED display device. Such as the stadium LED large color display, if the choice of LED single tube distribution range is very narrow, then the face of the display in a larger angle of the audience will see the distortion of the image. And traffic signs also require a wide range of people can identify.


For the spectral characteristics of the LED we mainly see whether it is excellent monochrome, but also to note the red, yellow, blue, green, white LED and other major colors are pure. Because in many occasions, such as traffic lights on the color requirements are more stringent, but according to the observation of some of our LED lights in the green blue, red for the deep red, from this point of view we LED spectral characteristics of specialized research is Very necessary and meaningful.

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