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Materials For Making Stainless Steel Products
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The processing technology and the quality requirements of raw materials are also different due to different USES of each product. Stainless steel products in general, the required raw material thickness tolerance is also each are not identical, like the 2 kinds of tableware and vacuum cup, etc., general demand is higher, the thickness tolerance - 3 ~ 5%, and the type of tableware thickness tolerance general requirements - 5%, steel pipe class requirements - 10%, hotel with freezers material thickness tolerance requirements of 8%, dealer requirement for thickness tolerance is in commonly between - 4% ~ 4%. At the same time, the difference in the internal and external sales of products will also lead to different requirements on the thickness tolerance of raw materials. Generally, customers of export products have higher requirements on thickness tolerance, while domestic enterprises have relatively low requirements on thickness tolerance (mostly for cost consideration), and some customers even require -15%.

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