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N - Content Affects Welding Quality Of Duplex Stainless Steel
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Gomez DE Salazar JM et al. studied the effects of different contents of N2 in the shielding gas on the performance of duplex phase stainless steel. The results show that with N2 partial pressure in the mixed gases, the increase of PN2, the mass fraction of nitrogen in the weld omega (N) began to increase rapidly, then changed little, weld ferritic phase content in the phi (alpha) with the omega (N) increases linearly decreased, but the phi (alpha) the influence of the tensile strength and elongation and omega (N) the influence of the reverse. The same ferritic phase content of c. This is due to differences in microstructure. The increase of N content in the weld metal of duplex stainless steel can improve the impact toughness of the joint.

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