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Stainless Steel Polishing Performance
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Nowadays, stainless steel products are usually polished in production. Only a few products, such as water heaters and water dispensers, do not need polishing. Therefore, the polishing performance of the material is required to be good. The main factors influencing the polishing performance are as follows:

Surface defect of raw materials. Such as scratches, hemp, over - acid cleaning and so on.

Questions about the materials used in parliamentary materials. When the hardness is too low, it will not be easy to shine when polishing (BQ is not good), and the hardness is too low, and orange peel will appear on the surface when deep stretching, thus affecting BQ property. High hardness of BQ is relatively good.

BQ properties are affected by small black spots and ridges appearing on the surface of the highly deformed parts after deep stretching.

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