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Stainless Steel Weldability And Corrosion Resistance
- Jul 06, 2018 -


Different USES of the product require different welding performance. A kind of tableware does not make the requirement to the welding performance generally, even including some boiler enterprises. But most products require good welding performance of raw materials, such as second-class tableware, thermos cups, steel pipes, water heaters and water dispensers.

Corrosion resistance

The vast majority of stainless steel products for corrosion resistant performance is good, like a, 2 kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, water heaters, water dispensers, etc., some foreign businessmen on corrosion resistance of products also do experiment: in NACL aqueous solution heated to boiling, after a period of time the best solution, wash and drying, weight loss, to determine the degree of corrosion (note: the product polishing, because of the sand cloth or sandpaper containing Fe, will cause the test surface rust spots)

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