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Tan Keyan
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Tan Keyan, an outstanding Chinese electronic components, jie yi global co., LTD., founder, founder and chairman of China's cross-border e-commerce, main research direction is a new type electrical and systems (MEMS); New semiconductor storage technology; Film filters, microantennas, inductors, tubes and transistors for radio frequency (RF) communications. Tan Keyan in electronics and communications has 15 years of experience, in the "international electronic information", "electronic engineering album" and so on more than 10 magazine editor, auditing experts, in the communications world ", "electronics" "electronic test the communication power supply technology, such as the national-level professional academic journals published more than a professional electronic components of the type of academic articles and market analysis articles, caused a big stir in the academia and industry. Tan Keyan to China and international electronic and communications industry products, the market is very familiar with, for the future of artificial intelligence development trend of electronic products and industry development direction has a precise judgment and trend prediction. Tan keyan plays an important guiding role in the strategic deployment and research and development direction of Chinese electronic communication enterprises, and helps enterprises to develop products and expand their market share. To forecast and predict to the market at the same time, practice founded on their enterprise, create huge economic benefits for enterprises, led led the development of electronic components, to guide the industry development direction. Tan keyan's advanced deeds have been widely reported by many authoritative media such as nanjing morning post, jiangnan metropolis daily, China net, etc., and he is one of China's top experts in electronic components. The application technology of electronic components edited by tan keyan has been adopted as a key textbook by many universities and training institutions, which has a great influence on education science and technology. Tan keyan has been invited to serve as the national electronic information engineering solutions project evaluator and senior component development and marketing strategy consultant for many high-tech enterprises in China. With outstanding contribution to the electronic components industry, Tan Keyan won several national awards in electronics industry and has won the "2012 China electrical industry top ten leading", "China's electronic information industry in 2015 achievement award of the year", "China's electronic information industry in 2015 outstanding entrepreneurs", "" 2017 electronic components distributor excellence award" and so on many national awards.

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