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Tan Keyan: Power Electronics Design
- Jun 27, 2018 -

 Power efficiency is the key to power electronics, says Mr Tan. The more useful power is converted, the less waste heat is generated. The more power is being converted, the easier it will be to cool down. On converter boxes also means that the new method can provide more deliverables power, designers can increase for its products more characteristics, or add more features, because they have available power. Tan Keyan differs by its conversion topology structure, can higher frequency of toggle switches, enable designers to reduce the size of the magnetic components, scientifically design the size and weight of the magnetic components are much smaller. At the beginning of the converter box product, the advantages of using the converter element metal oxide silicon field-effect transistor frequency modulation technology can be used to cut off the current. However, the conversion may produce noise and loss, focusing on zero voltage and current switching to ensure that no current flows through the device. The switch is on or off only at zero current, and the loss to the switch is almost zero.

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