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What Kinds Of Car Headlights Are There?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

1. Halogen lamps

Speaking of halogen lamps light is applied to the car history, should can be traced back to the 1970 s, which is currently the largest car manufacturer in all kinds of auto car headlights light source of the most common type. Because halogen lamps are cheap, they can be used to reduce the cost of building cars for some economical models with lower prices.

When we look at the traffic on the road at night, nine out of ten cars with halogen headlights turn yellow. From the effect, halogen lamps due to the low color temperature, resulting in a warm yellow color. In the case of dark light, the yellow halogen lamp is not as prominent as xenon lamp, but there is no problem to meet the normal use at night. The biggest advantage of halogen lamp is its strong penetration ability. In the case of heavy fog and low visibility in heavy rain, the penetration ability of halogen lamp source is much higher than other products with high color temperature.

2. Xenon lamp

Is in high-end car xenon headlamps currently widely used form of light, as a result of the xenon lamp brightness is higher, usually equipped with a lens, the light of shooting a very focused, so loved by everyone, color is different than normal halogen lamp, the light is white.

Xenon lamps use high voltage electric current to stimulate the luminescence, so they last longer and save more energy than halogen lamps. And the brightness is up 300% compared to a halogen lamp. But because of the high technology, the cost of production is much higher than that of a halogen lamp. But its brightness still makes many people like.

3. LED headlight

In addition to the above two types of lamps, the LED lamps are also more and more into the line of sight of people, but hear leds may think of more beautiful daytime running lights, which has a lot of advantages of light source, has become more and more car headlights lighting options.

Energy saving, environmental protection, durability, small size and instant lighting are all the characteristics of it as the choice of car headlights. For now, however, due to structural and cost constraints, it can only be applied to some high-end cars.

4. Laser headlamp

Laser headlight sounds to let a person feel a real sense of science and technology, although the laser headlight now has not been assembled on any production car, but the two BMW and Audi brand has announced that the laser is good at playing lights headlamps will be assembled in 2014 production car, so laser headlight looks already more and more near to us.

Luminous element is laser diode laser headlight, see how the name and LED light-emitting diodes are connected, they have many similar advantages, such as fast response speed, energy saving, small volume, long service life, low brightness decay. In terms of energy consumption and volume, it has a greater advantage than LED.

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